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Learning from Jnane Aztout is a cooperative project of the University of Seville with the Moroccan public program Plan Villes Sans Bidonvilles Towns without slu ms in Larache Morocco The main contribution of the experience to the program is its participatory and multi agent coordination methodology The population has ta ken part in the decision making through workshops meetings and participation in the Monitoring of the Plan Committee According to external evaluation the local leadership through its Widadiyat with the technical support of the interdiscipli nary team provides the key to its success Nosotros Tambien Somos Medina We are a lso Medina was the mobilising motto of the process an expression which describes the transformation objectives of the URBS the CIVITAS and the POLIS To make thi s possible starting from a situation where residents felt under threat of expuls ion we launched the construction of the triangle of the Social Management of the Habitat based on the establishment of a bond of technical neighbourly trust and of the participatory development of a diagnosis of the initial situation and of the intervention strategy that would be proposed to the authorities responsible for the program Along with the transforming action of physical social economic environmental and political reality the project has simultaneously developed act ivities of educational innovation by involving undergraduate and graduate studen ts from various universities and by producing scientific publications Ya Somos M edina We are Medina states that the objectives have been fulfilled the URBS is a lready as pretty as the medina once public space has been urbanized and the shan ties replaced with houses as projected case by case with the families involved W e have managed to eradicate the slums from the mind and to make the neighbours f eel included in the CIVITAS and it has been possible to build the POLIS whereby rights of neighbours to transform their neighbourhood are recognized

Grupo de cooperación Hábitat y Desarrollo. Oficina de Cooperación. Universidad de Sevilla
Avda Reina Mercedes, 2 Sevilla, 41012 Larache
+34 954 55 65 35/+34 699887339