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Category 5

Best Practices Award in Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management

This category caters for finding adaptable, local and resilient solutions, that will enable longer lifecycle of infrastructure, due to the fast-paced transformations in line with the 4th industrial revolution relying on innovative, futuristic and sustainable projects improving living conditions.

Topics Covered

  1. Quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure
  2. Environmentally sound technologies and processes
  3. Local technology development, research and innovation
  4. Inclusive and sustainable industrialization
  5. Scientific research and upgrade of technological capabilities
  6. Access to infrastructural information
  7. Access to financial data

Potential applicants are expected to address, among others:

Retrofitting infrastructure

  • New infrastructure replacement solutions
  • More sustainable, cost-effective and resource-sensitive
  • Encourage research and technology capabilities

Deconstructing silos

  • Encourage mission-driven governance models
  • Enable cross-sectorial solutions
  • Foster multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Increase the overall sustainability and resiliency of the desiloed infrastructures

Cutting-Edge technologies

  • New leapfrog solutions
  • Pre-evaluation of leapfrog models
  • Increase the sustainability and resiliency of the infrastructure
  • Democratize access in least developed nation

Rethinking the enablers of infrastructure construction

  • Enable new financing models
  • Increasing citizen engagement
  • Social diversity and peaceful social mixing
  • Adoption for more sustainable and resilient approaches

Recognizing excellence

Call for applications is officially open for the 13th cycle.