Category 4

Best Practices Award in Addressing Climate Change and Reducing Pollution

This category caters for solutions addressing climate change, pollution reduction, and the protection of a thriving biodiversity including long-term governance mechanics, stakeholder participation and circular economy.

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Topics Covered

  1. Resilience to climate-related hazards and natural disasters
  2. Climate change integration of policies, planning & management
  3. Education and awareness-raising
  4. Freshwater ecosystems
  5. Desertification, land degradation
  6. Waste management
  7. Sustainable lifestyles
  8. Marine pollution

Potential applicants are expected to address, among others:

Climate change & energy

  • Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning
  • Promote renewable energy
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings and transportation
  • Raise awareness on climate change impact and mitigation

Pollution, waste & land degradation

  • Reduce waste generation
  • Well govern the environment at all levels
  • Reduce marine pollution of all kinds
  • Contribute significantly to achieving land degradation neutral world

Sustainable lifestyles

  • Increase awareness of sustainable development and lifestyles
  • Encourage people to make sustainable change to lifestyles

Recognizing excellence

Call for applications is officially closed for the 12th cycle. We thank all applicants who completed their submissions.