1. Best Practices Award in Urban Regeneration and Public Spaces

This category caters for addressing the cities of the future; finding ways in which cities ensure to provide affordable housing and access to food, water, clean air, mobility, public life and nature for continuously more numerous urban populations.

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2. Best Practices Award in Construction of Sustainable, Innovative and Smart Buildings

This category caters for finding sustainable, innovative, and smart projects for the development of smart buildings in order to limit environmental impact, increase human well-being and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

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3. Best Practices Award in Sustaining Urban Food Systems

This category caters for systemic change and much improved access to food by all people while maintaining a strong connection between food production, storage and supply to local, regional and global beneficiaries showing an impact on human settlements.

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4. Best Practices Award in Addressing Climate Change and Reducing Pollution

This category caters for solutions addressing climate change, pollution reduction, and the protection of a thriving biodiversity including long-term governance mechanics, stakeholder participation and circular economy.

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5. Best Practices Award in Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management

This category caters for finding adaptable, local and resilient solutions, that will enable longer lifecycle of infrastructure, due to the fast-paced transformations in line with the 4th industrial revolution relying on innovative, futuristic and sustainable projects improving living conditions.

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Who can apply?

The award is open to all sectors: national and regional governments, local authorities and their associations, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, community based organizations, research and academic institutions, public and private foundations, media entities and individuals.

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Recognizing excellence

Call for applications is officially closed for the 12th cycle. We thank all applicants who completed their submissions.