Category 2

Best Practices Award in Construction of Sustainable, Innovative and Smart Buildings

This category caters for finding sustainable, innovative, and smart projects for the development of smart buildings in order to limit environmental impact, increase human well-being and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Topics Covered

  1. Green and sustainable buildings
  2. Innovation and smart buildings
  3. Buildings energy efficiency
  4. Buildings water consumption
  5. Local materials in building

Potential applicants are expected to address, among others:

Dynamic buildings

  • Increase low utilization rate of the built environment
  • Develop digital and augmented reality solutions
  • Enabling security and justice in mixed-use and mixed-ownership models through regulatory innovation

People-centred smart buildings and innovation

  • Leading design principle of a smart building development
  • Solutions on the ownership of personal data and transparency
  • Digital participatory methods for people to influence their living environments
  • Creation of new data-driven and digital services

Green and sustainable buildings and efficiency in energy and water consumption

  • Utilization of latest and most efficient technologies (AI, M/L)
  • Carbon-negative construction
  • Significantly reduce life-cycle emissions of buildings
  • Support least developed countries
  • Innovation and adoption of new business and operational models of the construction sector
  • Increase buildings ability to resist, mitigate and adapt to climate change

Recognizing excellence

Call for applications is officially closed for the 12th cycle. We thank all applicants who completed their submissions.