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Category 2

The Most Beautiful, Innovative and Iconic Building

Sustainable and iconic building development require holistic local and life cycle data analysis in designing true bioclimatic and responsive developments, to make it a distinctive mark in the world. They balance preserving resources, habitats, heritage, visual appeal and optimizing wellbeing, quality, affordability, and performance.

This category caters to recognize most iconic, smart, innovative, human-centric sustainable projects that combine green design and construction practices with modern, intelligent architectural excellence in an innovative eco-human-cultural approach.

Topics Covered

  1. Sustainable and smart architecture
  2. Innovation and smart building
  3. Bioclimatic design and responsive building
  4. Human-centric sustainable projects
  5. Intelligent architectural excellence
  6. Heritage preservation and restoration
  7. Visual and iconic appeal and aesthetics in sustainable design
  8. Waste reduction and sustainable building materials
  9. Integration of nature and natural systems into built environments
  10. Building energy and water efficiency
  11. Vernacular architecture and locally sourced building materials and technology

Potential applicants are expected to address, among others:

Dynamic buildings

  • Increase low utilization rate of the built environment
  • Develop digital and augmented reality solutions
  • Enabling security and justice in mixed-use and mixed-ownership models through regulatory innovation

Green and sustainable building and efficiency in energy and water consumption

  • Utilization of latest and most efficient technologies (AI, M/L)
  • Carbon-negative construction
  • Significantly reduce life-cycle emissions of buildings
  • Increase building’s ability to resist, mitigate and adapt to climate change

People-centred smart buildings and innovation

  • Leading design principle of a smart building development
  • New technologies for the management of resources, security and telecommunication
  • Digital participatory methods for people to influence their living environments.
  • Improving human’s standards of living

Heritage preservation and restoration

  • Restoring historic building or structure to its original design and purpose
  • Renovating or rehabilitating buildings that have cultural or historical significance
  • Establishing adaptive reuse of a historic building for new purposes
  • Ensuring cultural sustainability of the housing and building blocks

Recognizing excellence

Call for applications is officially open for the 13th cycle.