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Infonavit, the largest social mortgage company in Latin America, has implemented a national strategy to measure the prosperity and sustainability of Mexican Municipalities. The first stage has covered 153 municipalities in the 32 states of the country (recently starting a second stage with 152 additional municipalities), encompassing more than half of the total population of the country and placing this effort as the most comprehensive of its kind in the world. Using the City Prosperity Index (CPI) developed by UN-Habitat, Infonavit has created a national platform to diagnose the state of cities in six critical dimensions of prosperity and sustainability: Productivity, Urban Infrastructure Development, Quality of Life, Equity and Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability and Governance and Legislation. Based on this diagnosis, Infonavit and the Government of Mexico are implementing specific action plans in each municipality to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and Infonavit right-holders. The initiative has already been presented and delivered to decision makers in all the diagnosed localities and has been made public online to all who wish to consult it. This makes Mexico the first country in the world that has developed this metric at this scale, as support for decision-making in this matter. The results for the 153 studies, which include the municipalities with the highest urban growth, have been validated by the evaluated entities, and extend to the 16 Political Delegations of Mexico City with the purpose of analyzing the intra-urban dynamics in the largest urban agglomeration of the country. Various other cities are adapting and further developing this methodology for the monitoring and evaluation of their own policies. This represents a clear transferability of the process that has also been extended to other cities and countries in the world. The conclusions and recommendations emanating from these studies are fully in line with the guidelines of the New Urban Agenda and respond to several of the thematic axes of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG) in cities.

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