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For being an initiative towards gender equality and social inclusion that demonstrates how it has been possible to shift the practice of women working on land but not owning and controlling it. For being an excellent practice on secure tenure and access to land, empowering 320 women from four villages in the region of Gabú – Sissacunda, Helacunda, Cupuda and Colondito – to obtain the ownership of the land they work, becoming owners of their own future. For the positive and tangible impact on improving the livelihood of these women and their families through their access and rights to control and own land. For being a sustainable and efficient proposal that create jobs, eradicates poverty, promotes social integration and reduces exclusion.

APRODEL (Association for Local Development and Promotion)
Cumuda Street, P. O. Box : nº 25 Postal Code : Bafatá Guinea Bissau