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Safetipin is a mobile app and technology platform that collects and disseminates information and data about safety issues in a city. Data is generated through our two apps – My Safetipin which is a platform for citizen engagement and user generated data. The second app Safetipin Nite collects pictures of the city through a vehicle. We use the tool of the safety audit which identifies specific parameters that make a city feel unsafe for women and girls in particular. The safety audit has eight parameters which contribute to the feeling of unsafety and exclusion. These include infrastructure aspects (lighting, walk path, openness, public transport) as well as social usage of public spaces (presence of people and women in particular, security and ‘eyes on the street’.) Safetipin provides the platform for people to share and contribute data. Based on the data collected, we provide analysis and recommendations to city governments and other urban stakeholders to help improve public spaces. We have over 70,000 downloads of the app till date and have some data collected in 30 cities in India and globally. We have partnership for the app and data to be used by city administrations in 5 cities. The data ha two purposes. One is help individual app users make safer decisions about mobility and public space; and the second is to help city governments with large scale data that helps them make public spaces safer and more inclusive for all. As spaces improve, data is once again collected to measure change and impact. Cities have used Safetipin to improve lighting, last mile connectivity, better design, safe bicycle tracks,safe public parks, and markets. Our aim is to create safer public spaces for residents to use and cities where diversity of people are given the opportunity to move without fear.

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