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Category: Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management

Title: URBGOV (URBan GOVernance): A GIS-based Urban Governance and Planning Tool

URBGOV (URBAN GOVERNANCE) is a GIS-based, Volunteered Information Platform that supports local & effective city planning, community based decision-making & targeted service delivery. It integrates proffered community information with city data for a spatialized & comprehensive view of the city’s infrastructure, service gaps & delivery options. Using spatial capabilities of mapping software, customised algorithms & smart technology, URBGOV enables; a. multi-variate-spatial associations between scattered sectoral city data; b. synergy between parallel service delivery flows; & c. inclusion of community voices to curate innovative-local solutions – instilling empathy & accountability in the system. URBGOV is thus, an important IT Segway to community-led urban development & governance.
URBGOV has been piloted in 9 cities in India, initially focused on the WATSAN sector, to achieve the Sanitation goals under the Clean India Mission.

Dr Renu Khosla
Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE India)
Phone 011-40535541
N 118, Flat No.1, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 110017