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For the improvement of the urban environment which has led to a higher living quality standards of the residents through a transformation based on a local model. For the environmental improvements achieved, reducing air, noise and water pollution, as well as for its physical impact, which led to recover degraded areas and to revitalize the historic centre. For achieving transformation towards an inclusive and integrated city where social, physical, or disability barriers are mitigated or eliminated. For the implemented model towards a sustainable mobility, reducing the vehicular traffic, and shifting towards a walkable, pedestrian and bicycle oriented city. For the focus on public spaces as social and community places as one of the key elements for the urban regeneration of the city. For the process implemented, which explores a bottom-up approach through participation, collaborative assembly, social debates and consensus.

Council of Pontevedra
Cumuda Street P. O. Box : nº 25 Postal Code : Bafatá Guinea Bissau
+34 986 804 302