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Linfen City Public Toilet Improving the Living Conditions and Human Environment (CHN 085-12) The Linfen City with an area of 37 of area and a population of 600,000 had only 12 public toilets, before this initiative. This local government initiative was carried out in collaboration with various institutions with an aim to “build a city of convenience to improve people’s living environment”. The initiative was successful in constructing toilets that meet National Health standards, incorporating cultural and environmental concepts and establishing new standards for public toilets. The key challenge was changing the personal interests and traditional practices of the residents. These toilets are open and free to all residents and tourists. They record an average visit of 60,000 per day with more than 100,000 users at peak hours. About 20,000,000 people use these toilets per annum and the public opinion survey rated satisfaction at 99%. World Toilet Organisation recommends the Linfen’s practice to other countries.

The People’s Government of Linfen City, Shanxi Province
1, Shifujie Street Linfen City, Shanxi Postal Code : 041000 The People’s Republic of China