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Category: Addressing Climate Change and Reducing Pollution

Title: Let's Green the Planet with Treedom

Treedom is the only platform that allows to plant a tree and follow it online, directly financing farmers around the world. Thanks to its web platform ( It sells a tree planting service, by directly financing cooperatives of farmers who then plant the trees and manage their upkeep. Farmers benefit from the plantation of trees creating an extra income or food security thanks to trees products. Local communities receive specific training on agroforestry techniques and infrastructures (greenhouses, water tanks, etc.). Every tree on Treedom is geo-localized, photographed and has its online page, it can be kept or virtually gifted. Thanks to these features, Treedom’s tree engages people and at the same time, it represents a great communication and marketing tool for companies. Nowadays are involved more than 400.000 users and 2.000 business. Since 2010, more than 1 million trees have been planted in 16 countries involving 66.202 farmers and absorbing 340.000 tons of CO2.

Elisabetta Meconcelli
EU Funds & Projects Manager
Phone +39 055 050 3228
Mobile +39 3297786989
Viale Augusto Righi, 66 50137, Florence, Italy