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Past Winners 2019

Category: Addressing Climate Change and Reducing Pollution

Title: Let’s Green the Planet with Treedom

Treedom is the only platform that allows to plant a tree and follow it online, directly financing farmers around the world. Thanks to its web platform ( It sells a tree planting service, by directly financing cooperatives of farmers who then plant the trees and manage their upkeep. Farmers benefit from the plantation of trees creating an extra income or food security thanks to trees products. Local communities receive specific training on agroforestry techniques and infrastructures (greenhouses, water tanks, etc.).

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Category: Construction of Sustainable, Innovative and Smart Buildings

Title: Water WISE Buildings and Industries

Water Smart Buildings and Industries is a technology-driven project developed by ECOSOFTT to drastically reduce fresh water consumption in commercial buildings, factories, homes and townships. It emphasises the integrated management and maximising the use of all water sources available, including rainwater, piped water, surface water and wastewater. This drastically reduces the wastages in the conventional “once through” municipal water system, which has been the dominant model for urban development for over 100 years.

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Category: Sustaining Urban Food Systems

Title: Less Fish Loss Supporting Better Nutrition through Innovative Partnership

IPLAN, an innovative alliance, founded by GAIN Indonesia, has increased the supply of fish and fish products for Indonesia’s population. It facilitates dialogue and collaboration between fish supply chain actors and government to identify bottlenecks and source sustainable, local innovations to reduce the 25-35% loss of fish prior to market. Members are small and medium-sized enterprises who produce, process and distribute fish/fish products; academics, civil society and government officials.

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Category: Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management

Title: URBGOV (URBan GOVernance): A GIS-based
Urban Governance and Planning Tool

URBGOV (URBAN GOVERNANCE) is a GIS-based, Volunteered Information Platform that supports local & effective city planning, community based decision-making & targeted service delivery. It integrates proffered community information with city data for a spatialized & comprehensive view of the city’s infrastructure, service gaps & delivery options. Using spatial capabilities of mapping software, customised algorithms & smart technology, URBGOV enables; a. multi-variate-spatial associations between scattered sectoral city data;

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Category: Urban Regeneration and Public Spaces

Title: Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park

With unexpected climate causes heavy rainfall, low-lying cities across the globe are bracing for flooding disasters. As sea levels rise and concrete infrastructure multiplies, Bangkok is sinking 2 cm. every year. For the first time in 30 years, an invaluable land—11 acres of land and 1.3 km. avenue — was not turned into another commercial use. It is transformed into a public park. Chulalongkorn Centenary Park is the first critical piece of green infrastructure in Bangkok to mitigate detrimental ecological issues and reduce urban flood disaster risk.

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